Privilege is not a one way street.

I’ve been giving this a lot of thought late, and people think of privilege as something you have or you don’t. And I would argue it’s not that simple. I am privileged to have white skin, and that allows me a lot of things if fact it allows me so many things it would be hard to list.

But when younger I would have found with you about the idea of being privileged because I did not have parents, although most people do not have “normal”family structures, mine was different than just not normal. I wasn’t put through the system, but I lived with my grandmother as she grew lost into dementia and then with my sister as soon as she was 18. I did not have access to things people with parents did, and didn’t have the support system having parents comes with. Socio-economic privilege is another that I could drone on about for days, but will save you from that today.

Long story short we must all remind ourselves that privilege does not come in only one variable. But also acknowledge that systemic oppression does exist. And by acknowledging that then we can confront ways to improve the lives of those around us.

Anyway this post below is extremely well written and thought provoking so…

Discussing the topic of privilege can be uncomfortable, if not outright aggravating for many people. You may wonder how you can be considered “privileged” when you’ve experienced hardships and roadblocks in your life that would suggest otherwise. But when we talk about the “p-word” in the context of sociology, we have to understand that pointing […]

via The “P” Word: Examining the Intersections of Privilege and Oppression — Reclaiming My Time


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